Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Soup For You

Last week, I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. If you read my blog, you know what that means on the weekend. I'm making chicken stock. If you haven't read my blog on how to make chicken stock, click here.

Like usual, I started to look up soup recipes to use my fresh stock in. While making the stock, I was making sausage. See the previous 2 blogs for my sausage experiences. I started looking into soups that use some sort of sausage and I found an Italian Sausage soup. In my previous blog I said I made 2 pounds of hot Italian sausage but only stuffed 1 pound of it. The other pound I used in the soup. This soup, like most soups, is pretty basic. I browned up my fresh sausage, then added carrots, onions, celery and garlic. Then added a can of diced tomatoes, the stock and kidney beans and spices. I also added in diced red potatoes and fresh parsley (I had some left over from making sausage).

It came out good, had a good spice at the end but the there was no up front taste. I felt it needed some sort of bite at the beginning. I then tried a little bowl and added a few dashed of Tabasco. This did the job, had a little bit of kick up front but it was the vinegar in the Tabasco that made it work. I then added some to the entire batch. Now its a lot better. This one is going into my cookbook.

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