Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beware of the Sausage - Part 2 of 2

Day 2 of sausage making. If you missed out of day 1, click here. Today is all pork and more traditional sausage. The sausages of the day are Hot Italian, Hot Louisiana, and Bratwurst. I used a boneless pork shoulder, cut it up into pieces and froze it just like the chicken. I decided to do a pound of each type and then an extra pound Italian, which I wasn't planning on stuffing into casings. I made it for a different recipe (which I'll blog about later, so stay tuned). I found the recipes for these online, but its just a bunch of different spices and herbs for each. Below you can see the Italian grind prior to stuffing.

I stuffed them into casings just like yesterday but with one twist. I put the ground and spiced meat in the freezer longer. This helped out the stuffing process. I also have determined that a pound of ground meat gets you about 3 decent sized sausages and it takes roughly 1.5 ft of casing. Once all done, I put the finished sausages in the freezer for a few hours. I wanted to get them partially frozen because I vacuum froze them. I was scared if they weren't partially frozen, the force of the vacuum would cause the casing to pop. Well now, I have 5 pounds of sausage ready to be smoked. Here is a picture of all of them (including yesterdays), I'll let everyone one who when I have my sausage smoking party. Wait that doesn't sound right, but you get it.