Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After Hours Party at my house.

For some reason, on the weekends after drinking for 7 hours straight, my neighbors and I always think it's a good idea to keep the party rolling in my apartment. On a typical weekend, we start drinking around 7 or 8pm. Then we go to a bar or party around 10 or 11, close out the place at 1:45 so we can get to the store to buy beer and drunk food, then end up at my place by 2:15. This is when the trouble starts. I love cable, but why do you have to have Karaoke "On Demand" on my cable system? It doesn't help either that I have a PA and a mic (I used to play in bands so it's ok to have this crap). next thing you know, my drunk ass is singing karaoke to "Baby Got Back" or some crap like that. Next thing you know, I wake up as 10 am, probably still a bit drunk, and wake up to knocked over beers, chip crumbs, empty packs of smokes, 100's of can's & bottles and people passed out all over my apartment.

Since at this point, like I mentioned, I am typically still drunk, I have motivation to clean my house before the hang-over kicks in. Oh on a side note, when we go to buy beer, we go for quantity, not quality, so the hang-overs are that much more fun. So this exact scenario happened on Friday night. Here are pictures of the aftermath, after I cleaned up.

So after kicking everyone out of my apartment, cleaning up all the cans and bottles, eating some food, I now go back to sleep until 3pm. Now I'm hurting, hurting real bad. I run into my neighbors and they are hurting just as bad. So we walk to Zupans, get vitamin waters, juice and Jeno's pizza (the best hangover food besides a bloody mary). That would be the only time we leave our apartments all day. Now it's veg'ing out on the couch and watching stupid Will Farrell movies. The sad part is I can't wait to do it again this weekend.

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  1. We may need a ruling on singing baby got back. That might be gay. I'm just saying its on the line.